06 November 2013, 10:35
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ONEArmenia looking to bring musical instruments to Sistema Armenia Youth Orchestra

The non-profit ONEArmenia, known for their various crowd-funded projects in Armenia, want to give the children of the Sistema Armenia Youth Orchestra violas, cellos and basses so that they could speak new volumes.

They recently launched a link through the site Indiegogo.

FUNDRAISING LINK: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/build-community-and-make-music-in-armenia?c=gallery

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxWC0wZN7_8

Fifty children between the ages of nine and 17 are waiting in line to join the Sistema Armenia Youth Orchestra. ONEArmenia wants to buy them two cellos, four basses and four violas, making it possible for the existing SAYO group of 40 young musicians to nearly double in size.

“These instruments will not only give the children something to play, but will be vital tools in teaching them the values of leadership, teamwork and community. The directors of the organization want to create junior and senior orchestras as the building blocks for a future SAYO whose musicians could potentially number in the thousands.”

ONEArmenia says that if they exceed their fundraising goal of $1,700 by Dec. 1, they’ll buy four violins in addition to the violas, cellos and basses.

Three new teachers will also be hired to instruct the new students on how to use the violas, cellos and basses. Over the course of the lifetime of the instruments (40-50 years, if cared for properly), at least three more conductors will be hired to lead the growing orchestra. Children who complete the Sistema program at age 18 will have the opportunity to become volunteer teaching assistants and later get hired as teachers themselves. 

In addition to the student-turned-teacher process, the instruments will be used by several generations of young musicians while making it possible to continuously invite new children to join SAYO and therefore expand the community indefinitely. 

Once funded, the instruments will be purchased in New York City, driven to Virginia and shipped to Armenia for immediate use. According to ONEArmenia, process could take up to four months.

ONEArmenia is a non-profit platform that aims to boost environmental, humanitarian and cultural projects in Armenia, using social media and crowd-funding to involve anyone with an Internet connection in supporting projects that are geared toward making tangible changes in Armenia now. The ONEArmenia network makes it possible to not only raise money for a project based in Armenia as a worldwide community, but to also track the progress of said project with complete access to financial information.

Sistema Armenia is a new music initiative focused on social change through musical collaboration. Through the power of ensemble music, it aims to equip Armenian youth with 21st century leadership skills and to unite small and large communities--all while nurturing children's creativity and imaginations. The SAYO’s original group of 40 children have performed all over Armenia and even sent a quartet to play in Vienna this summer. 

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