01 August 2013, 20:56
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ONEArmenia crowdfunds to combat waterborne illness

ONEArmenia, a non-profit crowdfunding platform, which has been functioning for less than a year, has successfully funded their third crowdfunding project, closing a $6,305 round of funding to bring clean water to the war torn region of Kashatagh in Nagorno Karabakh.

The project, in partnership with Tufenkian Foundation, was originally launched in January of this year and was able to raise 65% of its $22,193 funding goal. After receiving a $3,000 donation in the interim, ONEArmenia was ready to round out the remaining $5,532 but surpassed that goal by $773 in just 3 short weeks!

Every penny raised will go towards the creation of a drinking and irrigation water supply of a well to provide fresh water to Karotan and it’s surrounding villages. From the cost of building materials to labor, you can find all the details of the budget on their Indiegogo page. With ONEArmenia’s commitment to transparency and accountability, they will keep everyone in the loop with progress reports from start to finish.  

The campaign also gained support from the Armenian Youth Federation of Canada, who organized a fundraiser at their most recent event.

“Access to clean water is fundamental in so many ways,” said Ani Elgudzhyan, member of the AYF Vancouver Chapter. “We are happy to bring together the Armenian community of Vancouver for this important cause ONEArmenia is currently in talks with the Tufenkian Foundation on how to use the extra money in a sustainable way. In the meantime, they are getting ready to launch their fourth campaign with Sahman Development Project to build greenhouses in the village of Berkaber. To keep up to date with ONEArmenia, make sure to visit their Facebook page.

Non-profit funding platform ONEArmenia was founded in September 2012 to stand with the change-making individuals and the organizations they represent, using social media and crowd-funding to involve anyone with an Internet connection in boosting projects that are geared toward making tangible changes in Armenia now. The ONEArmenia network makes it possible to not only raise money for a project based in Armenia as a worldwide community, but to also track the progress of said project with complete access to financial information.


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