17 August 2013, 00:00
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Prince Bagdasarian releases trailer for 'Abstraction'

PIB Productions has announced the release of a new movie trailer for “Abstraction,” an intense action crime drama revolving around the heist of a half a million dollar painting.

“Abstraction” is written and directed by Armenian filmmaker Prince Ishcan Bagdasarian and stars Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Expendables), Ken Davitian (Borat, The Artist), Hunter Ives, Korrina Rico (School Dance, In Time), Natalie Victoria (Deadheads), Richard Manriquez, and James Lewis (Gacy House). Although PIB Productions had a limited budget to produce the independent feature film, they utilized modern innovative methods of filmmaking and called upon certain industry 
professionals who supported the ambitious project in its early stages. 

“It was really interesting assembling a team with the proper knowledge who also believed in the film” says writer and director Prince Bagdasarian. “We had to film scenes that involved everything from extensive dramatic dialogue to police shootouts and car crashes. The dedication and expertise of our cast and crew was greatly essential in producing the film on our budget.”

The new trailer for “Abstraction” gives audiences a peek into the film and leaves them aching for more. “The positive feedback we’ve received from trailer viewers has been exciting. There is now an overwhelming demand to see the film in its entirety”, explains Bagdasarian. “We’re confident the film will meet, if not surpass, everyone’s expectations.” 

“Abstraction” was shot in and around Los Angeles, CA and is 100 minutes in length. After completion, it will be premiering at numerous film festivals before making its way to worldwide distribution. For additional information about “Abstraction”, and to watch the films trailer, visit: http://abstractionfilm.com 

Prince Ishcan Bagdasarian is a Los Angeles-based independent filmmaker with extensive 
industry experience and the founder of PIB Productions, a Los Angeles-based production 
company specializing in production and post production for films.


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