25 July 2013, 16:21
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“Boom Boom” and the rest…

A multitude of friends and fans, including those of high ranks, assembled at an anniversary concert. Armenia’s “Honored Artist” – actor Hrant Tokhatyan - has turned “exactly 50”. Khatabalada, Mea Culpa, The Poetry Hour, Our Yard, and Mer Aybenaran (Our Alphabet) – these are few of many projects starring Hrant Tokhatyan, which made the whole nation fall in love with him. According to the hero of the day, 50 is the age when one finally realizes “that in a marriage “boom boom” refers to a matrimonial duty, nine months after its fulfillment children are born, and that the mother-in-law is also a “mother.” Armenia’s Ministry of Defense celebrated the “coming of age” of a beloved actor by presenting Hrant – a former submariner – an Andranik Ozanyan Medal. The concert was organized by Sharm Holding, the company that the actor is affiliated to by many years of service as a Deputy General Director.

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