23 March 2013, 16:11
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Summer School 2013

The Diaspora Summer School program organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora will have an improved methodology, more topics and a higher number of participants from more countries around the world in 2013. The participants will be selected in late May, and the courses will start from July 8 and end on Aug. 2. The program was launched in 2011 for young leaders and journalists with the goals to support the preservation and development of the Armenian identity in Armenian communities of the Diaspora, raise the level of Armenian language proficiency, as well as help Armenian communities become self-organized, establish a field of mutual recognition and connect them to the homeland. In 2012, the RA Ministry of Diaspora and Yerevan State University established the Diaspora Summer School with accelerated Armenian language instruction (in Eastern and Western Armenian languages and in groups corresponding to the level of language proficiency), training for choirmasters and dance group leaders and instructors, training for school principals, educators and teachers, preparation of young Diaspora Armenian leaders and training for young Diaspora Armenian journalists. Participating in the program were 131 Diaspora Armenians from 20 countries. This year the Diaspora Summer School program will be held in five locations.

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