22 October 2014, 15:09
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Taxis Gone Wild

Lately the absurdity of taxi names in Armenia has caught significant attention. Everyday new cab services pop up in the streets of Yerevan, and we’re happy to report that the names splayed across vehicles in outdated fonts, are as quirky as ever.

Considering its small size, it’s safe to say that Yerevan has a lot of taxis. Moreover, the city’s cabs prove that when it comes to naming a taxi service, the Armenian imagination is indeed limitless. 

Women's names, geographical locations, abbreviations, names referencing village life, and simply inexplicable names, make up the plethora of cab services that allow the average Yerevan local to choose a taxi based on his or her personal taste and needs. Anyone who identifies as an old soul can choose the slow and cynical Taxi Grandpa. 

For example, if you like to ride in style you can take Taxi Glamour. as for Taxi PAPI... We're not so sure we can prepare you for what to expect. 

Soccer fans will have to decide between Taxi Barca (left) or Real Madrid. And for those who long for the good ol’ days, Taxi Ararat 73 (right), is an ideal choice.

We’re guessing that the actual playlist during the ride won’t stray too far from generic Armenian pop. Music lovers can groove with Taxi Concert (top left) or World Music Taxi (top right). However, if you’re a thinker and tend to ponder the meaning of life on your morning commute, your best choice is the tricolored Taxi Tao (bottom left). 

Some Taxis are straightforward as black and white!

And you can be sure you'll find taxis in Yerevan with some surprisingly practical names, as well. For example, if you're in a rush, take Taxi Express (bottom left). If you have a kid, there’s the obnoxiously pink Taxi Barbie (bottom right), or a taxi that gets its name from the Soviet version of Tom and Jerry, Nu Pogadsi (bottom middle). 

For those who like flashy things, there’s Taxi Mercedes Benz.  And anyone who wants to be flashy but is of modest means, there’s always Taxi G. Wagon, a series of Opels parading as Mercedes Benz Galendwagen—if you don’t know anything about cars, just imagine a bicycle trying to pass as a Harley. 

While all taxis cost the same, some of them like to cater to the more bourgeois among us, like Taxi Rich. And some just cause us to ponder our the nature of economics, like Taxi Econom.

Men's names are also popular. We especially love Taxi ERIK and EDGAR -- by any chance, brothers?

Last but not least, Taxi Barev [hello] (bottom left) is a friendly cab who is happy to see everyone! And next to it, Taxi Bravo is a welcoming presence on our streets because it's always proud to see you. 

You can also find Taxis whose national and geographic loyalties are no secret to the streets of Yerevan, such as Taxi Service Slavyanskii [Slavic] (left), Taxi Armenia (middle), and Taxi Yerevan (right). 

When it comes to pricing, all taxi services are nearly the same and actually quite cheap. As for the quality of service... Well, that is a whole other broad and painful topic we can’t bring ourselves to expand upon here. 


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