06 October 2014, 15:53
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Bringing Yerevan's Buildings to Life

Hoping to stimulate the Yerevan's entrance to a brighter and more optimistic future, ImYerevan implements street art projects to decorate entrances to the city's buildings.

It seems unfair that stoic, gray entrances are the first thing to greet Yerevan's citizens returning from a long and hard day's work in the city.

Earlier this summer, July 7th to be exact, ImYerevan decided to do something about it. We implemented a project to bring buildings to life. We got together children from the Academy of Fine Arts to decorate 16 of the 31 district building entrances. The children drew together what they envisioned the future should look like. The streets are a pretty great place to start, don't you think?

Our philosophical take-away: We hope that our effort to brighten our city's entrances will assist its entrance into a new era of optimism. Take a second to enjoy some of the photos taken from the event!


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