11 October 2017, 17:28
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What significance does the color black have for design and architecture at the start of the 21st century?

On the 3rd of October was an opening night of a new clothing line called JUST BLACK (Just Black) The fashion show was held in the central part of Yerevan - restaurant “Avenue” on North Avenue.

Just Black provides clothing and accessories for men, women  and kids as well, but the main feature of this brand is its color spectrum - all black.

“Just Black is a bridge which not only unites all the colors together, but is also a symbolic color of unified strength of all the Armenian diaspora spread in the world. It unites the past and the future, Diaspora with Armenia, and traditional knowledge with modern technology in the industry of fashion” - says the creator of the collection - Gaiane Manukyan (Gaia Ne).

This color used to be associated with illegal actions, when one does something unauthorized it is usually referred to as doing it black. Possibly because it should remain undetected in the dark. There are black markets, black distilleries, black labor, black money and black passengers. Besides that, black is considered to be the color of death and symbolizes hopelessness, abandonment and mourning. But is this clothing line therefore morning? No. And such associations are sheer nonsense.

Black has established itself in another area. Until the turn of the millennium, everything had to be white.. in colors, from the milk froth of the Latte Macchiato to the iPod. This has changed nowadays. This is because the new design century had found its color - it is black. Not everyone who wears black is in mourning. And to prove it - is the main goal of the brand “Just Black”. “By promoting BLACK as a positive color and changing the stereotypes of people regarding it through utilization of modern understanding of fashion and international standards.” - stresses the designer.

This color is claimed to symbolize seriousness and independence, dignity and power, as well. Many materials such as slate and granite are black and many natural stones darken with time - cathedrals, churches and castles utilize this effect. Speaking about the modern architecture, black houses tend to develop the aura of an S-class Mercedes, especially in combination with large window sections. The ultimate accomplishment of black is battling anything trivial and exaggerated by placing a veil on everything and drawing attention to the contours.

Besides this high-quality “achromatic color”, simplicity is a second key feature of the brand “Just Black”. Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”, and Gayane Manukyan demonstrated that on the fashion show. The design of her minimalistic clothing line combines some military elements as well. You can see that through bullet shaped purses or gazyr elements of the male outfit (Gazyr - from Karbardian language, a rifle charge consisting of measured powder charge or a paper cartridge, and a bullet). By doing that, the designer wants to highlight the high level of militarization in the country.



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