Peter Balakian: Winner 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Peter Balakian, the poet who just won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for poetry?

19/04/2016, 23:20

Eternal Alphabet: Th (t‘o) - Թ (թo)

The numerical value of Թ is 9. Number nine, which is the triple repetition of three, similarly represents the idea of the Holy Trinity. That is why, in the alphabetic acrostic written by Mashtots, letter Թ stands for a word that is the metaphor of the God – Թագաւոր (Таgаvоr – the king).

08/01/2016, 17:06

Eternal Alphabet: DA - Դ (դա)

The numerical value of letter Դ is 4. With the Greeks, Δ (“delta”), besides four, also meant ten, since this is the first letter in the Greek word Δεκα [deka].

08/01/2016, 15:34

Eternal Alphabet

"Eternal Alphabet" is an art- relief project, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It symbolizes the eternal value of the Armenian alphabet.

26/12/2015, 12:50

"Yerevan Spring" with the Eyes of a European

It was a pleasant discovery for a European to find Yerevan - a city listed among the 50 insecure places to visit, as he read in the internet - as not only one of the safest to stay in, but also a place he would be happy to return one day.

16/04/2015, 11:45

Memorable Moments from the Magazine: Saroyan and Hemingway's Love-Hate Relationship

This article, written in honor of Saroyan's centennial, offers a unique perspective on the complex mixture of respect and contempt that characterized these two great writers' relationship.

18/11/2014, 15:08

International Authors Discover Yerevan

ImYerevan visited the 2014 Literary Ark Festival (Sept 18-28) and spent the day conversing with various international authors in Yerevan and gaging their impressions of Armenia.

11/11/2014, 13:56