George Clooney visits Tumo center after landing in Yerevan

An American actor, selection committee member for the Aurora prize George Clooney visits Tumo center after landing in Yerevan. Tumo is a new kind of after-school learning environment where thousands of students aged 12-18 are in charge of their own learning.

23/04/2016, 11:05

ArmComedy Gets Conan O’Brien to Confess Kim, Trump and his Armenian Experience

In his 14-minute appearance at ArmComedy O’Brien goes through essential Armenian experiences, finds Armenian roots in family, exposes connections with Kim Kardashian and invites the hosts to appear on his Late Night Show in L.A.

15/10/2015, 19:42

Turkey Sues Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers is being sued by the mayor of Batman, Turkey for royalties it made from the Dark Knight. The mayor of Batman, Turkey claims Warner Brothers owes them money for use of their name in the Batman movies.

03/09/2015, 14:03

Omar Sharif dead at 83

Renowned Egyptian actor Omar Sharif passed away on Friday at the age of 83.

10/07/2015, 20:37

Marc Hairapetian: 30 Years of Spirit in Film

Last year, among the international jury members of the “Golden Apricot," the International Film Festival that takes place each year in Yerevan, there was one Armenian name in particular that stood out amongst the rest: Marc Hairapetian, a famed film critic in Germany.

30/11/2014, 22:54

Dutch Film Director, Jos Stelling, tells about new film the Girl and Death

The Dutch film director Jos Stelling is a permanent guest of the Golden Apricot Film Festival. His most recent picture, The Girl and Death, is scheduled for screening at Moscow Cinema on July 11 as part of the Yerevan Premiers program.

07/11/2014, 15:02

Films of the Genocide

It’s worth it to remember the few foreign feature films that, one way or another, refer to the tragic events of 1915.

07/11/2014, 14:52

ImYerevan's Photo Shoot with Actor Ken Davitian

Borat co-star Ken Davitian visits Yerevan in July of 2014 and poses with the city's monuments.

15/09/2014, 16:06

Documentary Film Screening in Yerevan: An Italian's Travels Armenia

Italian artist Bruno Bruni is in Armenia again, this time to be present at the premiere of a documentary film dedicated to his exhibition.

11/06/2014, 14:09