A Soldier’s Reflection on Joining the Armenian Armed Forces

Suren Stepanyan gives insight into the preparations young men go through prior to joining the army, and expresses the fears, struggles, and inevitable acceptance of being a soldier.

18/12/2014, 14:42

The Foul Smell of Money & My Grandfather’s Pension

Surely old Armenian bills are useless, but they do bring on memories of a bitter-sweet past, a past where a political transition was expressed in interesting ways through our currency...

14/11/2014, 16:41

Monte Melkonian and the Way of the Samurai – Changing Reality through Struggle

“The question arises unintentionally: ‘Why should I die if it has no use. Why should I pay with my life for nothing?’ These are value judgments of an egoistic man. When you have to make a choice, don’t allow the thoughts about use or profit sway your mind.

29/07/2014, 17:34