About us


Our story begins in 2005, when a vision for an Armenian lifestyle magazine was realized in the form of Yerevan Magazine. The award-winning trilingual publication had headquarters in Armenia, Russia, and the United States and its mission was to gather, write, edit and publish news on lifestyle, culture, and entertainment for a very unique, and until that point neglected, audience: the Armenian diaspora. 

On August 13, 2013, however, a shock came to many, as the printed English content came to an abrupt halt. As Yerevan Magazine's door to an English speaking audience closed, another one flung wide open and thus, ImYerevan.com's English site was born. 

Our site's mission is twofold. First, to supplement the gaping hole that exists following the termination of Yerevan Magazine's English content edition. Our site posts and shares, free of charge, past articles and volumes of the magazine and translates current ones from the (still up and running) Armenian edition. Another goal we have is to not only broadcast current events in contemporary Armenian culture, society, and and lifestyle, but to be an interactive part of the community. ImYerevan engages the on-the-ground local community in Yerevan by holding workshops, implementing educational projects, and investing in its youth. 


Based entirely out of Yerevan, our editorial staff consists of some of the city's most creative writers, photographers, and graphic designers united by the belief that the future holds a more open-minded global society and it's our mission assist Armenia's transition into it, by highlighting its progressive and contemporary capacity. 


If you'd like to contact our editors, please email [email protected] and indicate in the heading which language editor (Russian, Armenian, or English) you would like your email forwarded to.