What significance does the color black have for design and architecture at the start of the 21st century?

On the 3rd of October was an opening night of a new clothing line called JUST BLACK (Just Black) The fashion show was held in the central part of Yerevan - restaurant “Avenue” on North Avenue.

Photographer Uses Drone To Capture The Beauty Of Armenia

Landscapes, cultural monuments, cities are nowadays newly discovered with the help of aerial photography. Images, taken from a bird’s-eye view, have truly altered our perception of the photography.

Plastic storming: give up the usual, feel the difference.

Plastic bags which we use are mostly made by polietilenits. When the plastic entered our daily life it seemed to be a revolution.However the whole world is aware of the harm it causes to the planet’s ecology.

Foundations of Love

Architect and professor Hovhaness Jepitchian talks about the politics of architecture and his love for the people.

Armenian American Museum Unveils Concept Design for Downtown Glendale Site

The Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center unveiled the Concept Design of the museum for the location across from the Central Library in downtown Glendale at a gathering of more than 400 community members.

New Banksy Works in Paris Commemorate World Refugee Day

Prominent street artist Banksy, whose works cleverly serve as political commentary, commemorated the day in Paris as he took a moment to shine a spotlight on the response (or lack thereof) of powerful nations such as France.