Looking Back: Artifacts of Yerevan

To get a better sense of what Armenians around the world hold on to, we searched the word “Yerevan” on eBay, and this is what we found.

Diana Markosian Reconsiders the Meaning of ‘Making It’ in Modern Photography

ImYerevan's coverage of a presentation by Diana Markosian inspiring Yerevan’s youth to reconsider traditional notions of what it really means to ‘make it’ in modern creative industries, like photography.

"...All of this is Yerevan": Musings of a Tar-Player

In this article, musician Miqayel Voskanyan reflects about his childhood in Yerevan and his hopes for the city's future, demonstrating to ImYerevan what it means to be creative in a society in transition.

Guerrilla Gardeners in Yerevan Plant Seeds of Activism

On October 25th, a workshop called “Guerrilla Gardening” took place in Yerevan and planted the seeds for a new environment-conscious effort in the city’s urban landscape.

Datevik Hovanesian: One of Armenia's Contemporary Voices

Here is ImYerevan's list of 5 reasons why Datevik Hovanesian has won not only our ears, but our hearts, as well.

A New Café in Yerevan Fuses Existentialism and Fun

"Man is condemned to be free"—Inspired by these words of Jean-Paul Sartre, Narek Bakhtamyan, one of the founders of Jean-Paul Existential Cafe, creates an environment that is entirely focused on the individual.