Urban Blades

All great love stories start with a moment – a single glance, the first interaction. For Greg Mirzoyan, it all began shortly after he learned to walk.

U.S. Embassy Marks World Press Freedom Day

The U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Richard M. Mills Jr., hosted a group of media professionals at his residence for World Press Freedom Day.

Treasures of Western Armenia

The artifacts of the Alexander Miller's collection of 1916 are exhibited and opened to the public for the first time.

"Yerevan Spring" with the Eyes of a European

It was a pleasant discovery for a European to find Yerevan - a city listed among the 50 insecure places to visit, as he read in the internet - as not only one of the safest to stay in, but also a place he would be happy to return one day.

Sustainable Opportunities Emerge for Women Farmers in Armenia

Women in Tavush are speaking up about experiences being active members of society--socially, politically, and economically--and they want to let women in other villages of Armenia know that with hard work, anything really is possible.

Yerevan 2.0: the Focus

Yerevan needs new breath, new quality. And here, at ‘’Yerevan Productions’’, we decided not to wait any longer and start creating the new value ourselves.