25 October 2013, 11:27
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Tigran Hamasyan profiled in 'The Guardian' leading up to Nov. 4 album

The Guardian, one of the United Kingdom's leading news websites, has published a profile feature jazzist Tigran Hamasyan.

"Tigran Hamasyan, the pianist giving jazz an Armenian twist," penned by John Lewis, profiles Hamasyan leading up to his Nov. 19 performance at London Jazz FEstival at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

LINK: www.theguardian.com/music/2013/oct/24/tigran-hamasyan-pianist-jazz-armenian

Hamasyan's latest album, "Shadow Theatre" will be released on Verve Nov. 4.

"I've been stripping away layers of complexity with each album," he says in The Guardian report. "You can play a bunch of fast stuff or write a complicated melody, but the musical part of that is to make it flow naturally."

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