Films of the Genocide

It’s worth it to remember the few foreign feature films that, one way or another, refer to the tragic events of 1915.

07/11/2014, 14:52

Carving Out Yerevan's Contemporary Sculpture Scene

In this article, some of Yerevan's sculptors artists discuss with ImYerevan what it’s like to work in their field in the 21st century and the struggle of creating art in this city.

06/11/2014, 15:50

Is Armenian Rock 'n' Roll All Dried Up?

Only a few would readily admit that Armenian rock, to put it mildly, is seeing hard times. ImYerevan asks why to some of Armenia's most well-known rock 'n' rollers, and these are the responses we got.

03/11/2014, 17:33

The Niva Kayf: The Automobile with an Armenian Attitude

The legendary Soviet-era vehicle, the Niva Lada, has and continues to hold a firm place in Armenian society since its arrival in the 1970s. In this article, Vrej Haroutounian explains what he has termed the 'Niva Kayf' in this list of 10 truths about the Niva.

03/11/2014, 14:27

Diana Markosian Reconsiders the Meaning of ‘Making It’ in Modern Photography

ImYerevan's coverage of a presentation by Diana Markosian inspiring Yerevan’s youth to reconsider traditional notions of what it really means to ‘make it’ in modern creative industries, like photography.

31/10/2014, 14:22

"...All of this is Yerevan": Musings of a Tar-Player

In this article, musician Miqayel Voskanyan reflects about his childhood in Yerevan and his hopes for the city's future, demonstrating to ImYerevan what it means to be creative in a society in transition.

29/10/2014, 14:29

Datevik Hovanesian: One of Armenia's Contemporary Voices

Here is ImYerevan's list of 5 reasons why Datevik Hovanesian has won not only our ears, but our hearts, as well.

27/10/2014, 12:47

Looking at Yerevan Through Less Rose-Colored Lenses

In this article, we present Yerevan through the lens of some of these outsiders, well-known photographers who see the city from a unique perspective.

25/10/2014, 17:18

Themes in Yerevanian Visual Art over the 20th Century

Why do artists continue to refer to Yerevan's images of Yerevan for inspiration? What were they looking for at the beginning of the 20th century and what are they looking for now? Furthermore, what valuable themes recur in these works? Our writers consulted some of Yerevan's most knowledgeable art critics for answers.

23/10/2014, 12:53

Taxis Gone Wild

Lately the absurdity of taxi names in Armenia has caught significant attention. Everyday new cab services pop up in the streets of Yerevan, and we’re happy to report that the names splayed across vehicles in outdated fonts, are as quirky as ever.

22/10/2014, 15:09