Armenian Rock: On the Right Path

Contemporary Armenian rock bands, including Like in Syberia, Voo Doo, Perfect Legacy and Nairi, have all gathered on a roof in Yerevan, and we managed to ask them a few questions.

28/11/2014, 12:49

Living Under a Cracked Roof

A glimpse into the lives of the some of Yerevan's refugees, hailing from Azerbaijan, who are rebuilding their lives in broken down buildings.

25/11/2014, 11:28

"Dolls are people, too!": Armenian Doll Exhibit in Yerevan

An exhibit recently opened up in Yerevan showcasing dolls that have been curated from various periods of Armenian history, from ancient to Soviet and today's contemporary doll-makers, demonstrating this neglected art has contains a lot of information about our culture.

24/11/2014, 14:00

A Jazzman's Journey: Our Interview with Vahagn Hayrapetyan

Legendary Local Jazzman, Vahagn Hayrapetyan, sits down with ImYerevan to discuss everything from his personal journey with jazz, to his experience teaching Tigran Hamasyan, to his most despised jazz tunes, and everything in between.

21/11/2014, 12:46

Autumn Nights with an Armenian Jazz Legend

Stepan Shakarian sits down with ImYerevan to describe his studies with Aram Khatchaturian, as well as the importance of being self-taught and how it has helped him to achieve mastery of the jazz vocabulary.

21/11/2014, 10:12

Preserving a Shifting City with Watercolor

Amidst the debates over Yerevan’s imminent change, however, there lies the work of Peto Poghosyan, who has attempted to capture the tension of transition—new buildings and all—through the graceful strokes of his paintbrush.

18/11/2014, 15:43

Memorable Moments from the Magazine: Saroyan and Hemingway's Love-Hate Relationship

This article, written in honor of Saroyan's centennial, offers a unique perspective on the complex mixture of respect and contempt that characterized these two great writers' relationship.

18/11/2014, 15:08

Armenian Art Alive

At ImYerevan, we are always seeking new ways of invigorating Armenian culture. In our latest project, we selected 12 canonic portraits by Armenian painters in the 19th and 20th centuries. We have carefully and painstakingly modified each portrait, preserving its integrity while providing you with a unique aesthetic and hopefully, a new perspective on the art itself.

14/11/2014, 11:47

International Authors Discover Yerevan

ImYerevan visited the 2014 Literary Ark Festival (Sept 18-28) and spent the day conversing with various international authors in Yerevan and gaging their impressions of Armenia.

11/11/2014, 13:56

Dutch Film Director, Jos Stelling, tells about new film the Girl and Death

The Dutch film director Jos Stelling is a permanent guest of the Golden Apricot Film Festival. His most recent picture, The Girl and Death, is scheduled for screening at Moscow Cinema on July 11 as part of the Yerevan Premiers program.

07/11/2014, 15:02